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Our colour pigments are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients. Their creamy consistency and fabulous staying power have made them a must-have for permanent cosmetic professionals. These pigments have been designed for use with the hand application method. Choose from 26 natural eyebrow colors, 13 fabulous lip colors, 11 gorgeous eyeliner colors. If you still can't find the perfect color, any of these can be mixed together to create a custom color just for you!


Eyebrow Colours

  Light Medium Dark
Cool Cool Color - Earl Grey Cool Color - Champagne   Cool Color - Mink Cool Color - Brown Sugar   Cool Color - Pecan Pie Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Cool Color - Charcoal  
Neutral Neutral Color - Platinum Blonde Neutral Color - Bashful Blonde Neutral Color - Hazelnut Neutral Color - Fawn Neutral Color - Cappuccino Neutral Color - Cafe Vienna Neutral Color - Expresso Neutral Color - Earth Neutral Color - Mahogany  
Warm Warm Color - Amber Warm Color - Caramel Warm Color - Milk Chocolate Warm Color - Bordeaux Warm Color - Copper Warm Color - Cocoa Warm Color - Chocolate Truffle Warm Color - Royal Fudge Warm Color - German Chocolate Warm Color - Cafe Ole

Your permanent cosmetic professional has complete control over where pigment is deposited in your skin with the hand application method. Every move, every touch is at your professional's complete discretion. You can relax and enjoy becoming beautiful knowing that your results will always be perfect.

Eyeliner Colours

Cool Colors Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Cool Color - Charcoal      
Neutral Colors Neutral Color - Earth Neutral Color - Mahogany      
Warm Colors Warm Color - German Chocolate Warm Color - Cafe Ole      
Special Effects Special Effects - Irish Moss Special Effects - Jade Granite Special Effects - Blue Lagoon Special Effects - Tempting Teal Special Effects - Black Orchid

Lip Colours

Mauve/Pinks Mauve/Pink Color - Sweet 16 Mauve/Pink Color - Innocence Mauve/Pink Color - Cupids Kiss  
Orange/Pinks Orange/Pink Color - Mango Obsession Orange/Pink Color - Peaches N Cream Orange/Pink Color - Blushed Petals  
Red/Pinks Red/Pink Color - Tickle Me Pink Red/Pink Color - Valentine Red/Pink Color - Victorian Rose  
Brown/Pinks Brown/Pink Color - Pastel Rose Brown/Pink Color - Secret Passion Brown/Pink Color - Jamaican Rum Brown/Pink Color - Havana Girl



Talented artists with gentle hands design your cosmetics exactly as you want them, down to the tiniest point of color before beginning. During the procedure, the tools are dipped in your chosen color and then gently tapped throughout the area according to the design.

Application Technique


There is just something special about art created by hand. It is robust and real, painstakingly made to evoke feeling. Museums everywhere celebrate the beauty and genius of works created with our own human hands, and you can see why. Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, Renoir, and so many others capture our hearts year after year with their breathtaking artistry. Few things last so long and remain so beautiful, but when done by hand, permanent cosmetics most certainly can.

We have modernized this ancient form of tattooing with our patented, 100% disposable hand tools to give you the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. When it comes to the sensitive skin on your face, we feel that only the most controlled and gentle methods should be used to implant permanent color. Permanent makeup done with the our hand method is gentle, quiet, and gives beautiful results! You'll love your new look and can relax knowing that you are safe in our hands.

Unlike modern body tattoos, Beauty 4 Life's permanent makeup is implanted by hand, using only hand tools. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives you the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. Beauty 4 Life believes that the natural versatility and artistic nature of the hand method is perfect for delicate work, which is why we use only a signature line of patented contemporary needles for permanent makeup.


Hand Applicator


The use of Permanent Cosmetics Hand application is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The unique needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, and most important of all, the most natural look in the world.



Additional Services


Corrective work can be done to repair the color or shape of your previous permanent makeup.If you are unhappy with your previous permanent makeup, and either wish to adjust the shape or color, exfoliate, Beauty 4 Life can perform corrections. Our experienced professionals can make small corrections, and adjustments to give you the look you desire.


Creative, Camouflage and Scars Semi Permanent Makeup is a creative way to enhance, camouflage, or minimize the look of many of your natural features. Our professionals have found methods to camouflage scars and burns, disguise skin conditions such as vitiligo, and even hide port wine stains.

If you have scars from major surgery, injuries, or severe burns, we may be able to help you reduce their appearance. Camouflage color is chosen or custom blended to match your skin and directly implanted over your scars. After a few treatments, depending on the severity of the scarred area, you will have a perfectly blended, scar-camouflaged patch of new skin.


When having a scar camouflage procedure done, always expect a patch test before a full treatment. It is our duty to learn how pigment heals in your skin; therefore on your first treatment visit, you will not have the procedure started, but have a color tested in the area. After about two weeks, we will have you return for a follow up and more work in the treatment area, if the patch test was successful.   Please Contact us to discuss your personal requirements




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